Hey! I am Bistrian, User Experience Designer and Product Design Lead in Bucharest, Romania

I connect businesses with consumers, improve conversions and business results.
My specialities are UX/ UI Architecture, UX Designer, Information Architecture, Information Design, Product design, Aviation software, Aviation solutions, e-commerce, IBE, Mobile, Usability, User experience, product design and not the last customer experience design.


Here's how I make user experiences happen

I phase work based on the following succession – 
Discovery. Research. Solution Design. Post-Delivery

Understanding Business requirements is an essential step to reveal the company values, advantages, and desires. A great start is "question everything" and understand user behavior and needs.

Which problems do you solve and how? All the above will conclude into a user journey map.

A User Journey Map combines business and data into a visible sequence while permitting both of us to identify key features quickly and gain insights about the service itself and how easily the service will flex on user's needs.

Wireframes deliver the first draft of your product as it could be. Wireframes are used to test our hypothesis about the proposed solution and check key scenarios from going off-route.

Service or product design is supposed to bridge the gap between what and your user's needs. The challenge is to simplify a complex multi-feature solution into an intuitive UI, portable to different platforms.
The experience of a finished UI is tested through a usability heuristics list beforehand, against your needs and requirements and your user's later on.

A UI Deliverable Kit will be finally put together consisting of the design source files to cover the whole omnichannel experience, a clickable UI prototype and screen flow.