User Experience Design + User Interface Design Projects

My approach to user experience is flexible and pragmatic at the same time – I will guide you to what it's more useful for your project overall, as well in any particular point of the project. Of course, I have a process, but I am not so precious about it. I would rather explain you the benefits of having a user experience design process and making the most out of it.
First and foremost, we both need to understand what drives your users and what we can do together to charm them while offering them a delightful experience. I will engage you in conversations, workshops and sketches rather than big documents and reams of wireframes. There will be definitely a time later into the user experience design process for doing wireframes.

You can read more about my general user experience process, learn about how efficient my user experience process performed over time and get the first-hand experience that past clients have had working with me.

Below you can find some selected projects in which I was involved as a  user experience designer and all those projects performed exceptionally well.