What clients say

Bistrian is a remarkable person who consistently delivers high quality and original work that brings innovative user experience and human interface design to surprising levels. Appreciated by both the company and the customer base for focus on problem solving and providing unique answers to fulfil business requirements. 
In partnership with others, Bistrian has recently completed the company’s recently launched new website which is a huge leap from the prior online domain. He is also actively engaged in a number of other UX projects for new products and the refresh of a small number of existing solutions which when released will undoubtedly shock the competition and bring new meanings to innovative design, ease of use and quality products.

Mark Hartshorne
Airline & Aviation IT/Business Consultant

It's extremely rare to come across a remarkable professional like Bistrian. As Head of Business Development at ISA I've been fortunate to need Bistrian's assistance on various accounts, even on extremely tight time-frames. Bistrian proved to be a very easy-going professional, having a very strong practical knowledge to help the business improve its products and flexibility to its customers. 
Coming as an UX expert into a totally new industry - aviation software solutions - proved to be no challenge to him where he quickly managed to bend his knowledge and understanding of users needs and match them with what the business needed. His presentation skills, also outstanding, proved to be a valuable ally in helping the business impress even further. 
His unmatched UX / UI skills, dedication and commitment made working with him a real pleasure. He is an outstanding asset to any team. 
Good job B!

Avan Edibam
Airline, Systems, GDS, Hospitality, IT & Aviation Professional & Consultant

Great web designer & more, who understood the brand, the business, the market and came up with a beautiful design right from the 1st proposal, doubled by usability.

Cristian Calcisca
Owner at Santiago Tour Romania & Freelance Tour guide

Bistrian is a real professional, he puts passion into his work and not only executes well but contributes a lot to the over all design strategy of anything we've worked with him on.

Floyd Marinescu
CEO InfoQ.com & QConferences.com

Bistrian is an analitycal person with a permanent focus on what matters most - achieving results for your business. He will go an extra mile if he believes he can get better results than you expected and his results driven opinions are clearly articulated as motivated. Bistrian manages to never lose from sight the goals of the project and his work is always done in established timeframe. 

He's also a great communicator. Bistrian's usability process never stops asking the right questions. What looks like basic questions proves to be a core of his process and his capabilities of keeping a sharp eye for design, arranging the content in a comprehensible yet easy to follow workflow and at the same time designing a proper call to action strategy. 

We've been working together on several projects along many years, both personal and business related and my expectations were always overcome. It's always a pleasure working with him and that feeling that your work is secured and in right hands is priceless.

Alexandru Popescu
Director Product Management at DataStax